Why Install a Home Alarm System? 5 Reasons to Today

Why Install a Home Alarm System? 5 Reasons to Today

If you are ready to equip your home with an alarm system, you have plenty of options to choose from with many reviews and recommendations available to help you make your decision. From the different installation options, features, and providers, we’ll help you break down five reasons why to install a home alarm system and what to look for to ensure you select the best option for your property, family and budget.

Reasons Why to Install A Home Alarm System

1. Provides Security To Your Property and Family in Emergency Situations

You may want a home alarm system for many reasons. The first and most obvious reason is security of your property and family. A home alarm system will help protect you against burglaries and home invasions, and it’s best to be prepared in any and every way possible. Installing an alarm system will allow you to monitor your home when you aren’t there. But, even more so, it’ll give you the protection you need while you are home so that you can enjoy time with your family without having to worry.

A home alarm system can also be much more than just an alarm. Many alarm systems have additional features that give you an added level of protection. For instance, alarm systems can come with fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If a threat is detected, you and your monitoring service company will be notified.

Additionally, a home alarm system can give you peace of mind for when you aren’t home. Your alarm system monitoring service will be that 24/7 watchdog you always wanted. Your monitoring service can alert authorities quickly in case of emergencies. As we know, every minute is crucial in a fire or burglary. Plus, if your alarm system has mobile access, you can control it right from your mobile phone or tablet, no matter where you are.

2. A Home Alarm Monitoring Service Can Provide Added Security

When adding a home alarm system to your property, you will also need to decide whether or not you want an alarm system service provider. An alarm monitoring service is one that is offered by a company who monitors your system around the clock. They can communicate with both you and the authorities if needed.

While you don’t need a monitoring service in order to have a home alarm system, it is highly recommended. A monitoring service is your first line of defense and can act very quickly in case of emergency. They are able to monitor your system 24/7 and can report emergencies or suspicious activity without having to notify you first. This saves very precious time. Without a monitoring service, your system will just sound an alarm, which could potentially deter intruders from continuing. When an alarm sounds without a monitoring service it would be up to you or your neighbors to report an issue, which can take considerably longer.

3. You Can Control Your System From Anywhere

These days, technology is everywhere. Almost everyone carries some sort of a mobile device on them at all times, whether it be a mobile phone or tablet. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for a home alarm system that has mobile access and monitoring. That way you can control your system even when you aren’t home.

All home alarm system are equipped with a central control panel installed somewhere in your home. In addition, many systems allow for web-based mobile access, which means you can connect to your system as long as you have an internet connection. This is an especially convenient feature if you travel frequently or are away from your home for extended periods. You can check in on your house through security cameras, arm your alarm system and even turn off your lights if you’ve forgotten.

Similarly, many systems can also send you mobile alerts so that you always know what is happening, whether you are home or not.

4. You Can Install it Yourself

There are many alarm systems available today that you can install yourself, particularly wireless systems. Hardwired alarm systems generally need to be professionally installed, and, because of that, there may be a fee to pay for that service. However, the added cost can be worthwhile if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Self-installation alarm systems can be very easy and cost effective, depending on the number of features you want to include. Many wireless alarm systems today just require sensors to be adhered to the door, window or other area that needs extra protection, then connected to the central system by calling the alarm system company to activate.. Top-rated home alarm system companies will walk you through the installation process or work with you to troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.

Because of advancements in alarm system technology, what used to require drilling and hardwiring from professionals can now be self-installed in under an hour.

5. You Can Customize with Features that Fit Your Needs and Budget

Not all home alarms are the same – features vary from surveillance cameras to automatic locks to keypad entry and more – but they all have similar basic functions. Most home alarm systems utilize a system of sensors and a central control panel.

The most basic type of sensor is a window and/or door sensor. This should be part of every home alarm system you consider. If your system is armed and the two components of this sensor are separated because of a door or window being opened, your system will be set off, activating the alarm. This will notify you and your alarm monitoring service, who will in turn contact the authorities.

Many alarm systems also include other sensors that provide additional protections, including fire and flood detection, carbon monoxide monitoring, and motion sensors that activate a light, start a camera recording or sound an alarm. Motion sensors, which detect movement within a specific area, are a good option to have for large rooms that are not used often.

WIth today’s technology, automated locks make it so that you can lock or unlock your doors through mobile apps or from your control panel. While these are not must-have for a home alarm system, they may be a good investment depending on who needs access to your home at different times of the day.

Depending on your budget, you can customize your home alarm system to include as many features as you need. Contact your home alarm system provider to discuss which features would be best to include for your property and lifestyle.


Advancements in technology have made it easier than ever to install an alarm system in your home, from self-installation methods, mobile access to your system, customized solutions and more. So when asking yourself the question “why install a home alarm system?” consider these five reasons that make it an easy choice and contact one of the top service providers to learn more about the options available today.

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