More than Intruder Protection: Added Benefits of Having a Home Alarm System

More than Intruder Protection: Added Benefits of Having a Home Alarm System

For decades, home alarm systems consisted of a basic wired control panel that made a loud noise anytime it was not disabled promptly. Despite significant advances in alarm system technology, most people still associate a home alarm system with this simplistic model. Here are a few additional benefits of having a home alarm system you might not have thought of.

A home alarm system protects against more than just intruders.

The main purpose of home alarm systems has consistently been to prevent and deter home break-ins, but did you know that alarm systems protect against a number of other threats as well? With additional sensors, home alarm systems can now protect against fire, flood, extreme temperatures and carbon monoxide, alerting your monitoring service whenever any of these sensors are triggered.

Alarm systems can also protect against medical emergencies, as panic button and alarm fobs can be installed as part of the system. You can attach a fob to a child’s backpack or around an elderly person’s neck to ensure that they have a way to alert you and the authorities if they are in a dangerous situation. Also, in the event that you feel unsafe or notice something out of the ordinary, you can send a silent message out to your monitoring service with the touch of a button, protecting you from any number of things you may find threatening such as domestic violence situations or medical emergencies.

Home alarm systems can be mobile.

While traditional alarm systems were hardwired to your home’s phone line and each sensor had to be wired back to the main control panel, today’s alarm systems are primarily wireless. Wireless alarm systems are easy to install, and easy to move. You’re no longer tied to one location when it comes to your alarm system since it can be taken with you from place to place without any significant damage to your home. Since wireless alarm systems are monitored through cellular technology, they also are harder to tamper with and cannot be cut by a burglar, like a wired alarm system. This adds an extra layer of safety and reliability to your home alarm system.

Wireless alarm systems also allow you to self-monitor your alarm system. Self-monitored alarm systems can be controlled through your mobile device or computer, allowing you to check in on your home, your family and your belongings even when you’re away. Many alarm system providers offer mobile apps and website logins that allow you to arm and disarm your system online, and track who has entered or exited the premises. You can also monitor video cameras remotely, and customize notifications depending on what you would like to be alerted to.

Smart home features can be integrated into your alarm system.

While the main function of an alarm system will always be to protect your home from burglaries, due to the dearth of new technology available today, home alarm systems can be connected wirelessly to other functions in your home, such as lighting and temperature control. Through wirelessly enabled outlets and wireless thermostats, you can automate many of your home’s electrical functions and monitor them through your mobile devices, so you can save money on your electricity bill. This means that you can schedule your lights and your heating system to turn on and off at certain times of the day, and you can login to a mobile app to turn off the TV or turn down the air conditioning if you forgot to do so before leaving the house. In the past, if the heat was left on while you were on vacation, you just had to wait it out and pay the extra money on your electricity bill. Now, you have control over these functions by using your home alarm system even when you are away, saving money and energy.

Home alarm systems can save you money on insurance.

According to the 2013 FBI Crime Report, a home with an alarm system is three times less likely to get broken into than a home with an alarm system. Given this statistic, your insurance company knows that there’s a much smaller chance you will be filing a theft claim if you have an alarm system installed and active. In addition, with sensors for flooding and fire damage, you also greatly decrease the probability of a flood or fire in your home, which can cost insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance claims. Therefore, some of their cost savings gets passed on to you, if you alert them that you have an active alarm system. In addition to offering up to 20% off of your monthly insurance costs, some insurance providers will also help offset the costs of your alarm system equipment or installation fees.

When considering whether to purchase an alarm system, take into account all of the other added benefits an alarm system can provide in addition to preventing break-ins. Considering the savings in time, money and added convenience, an alarm system can prove to be a worthy investment. Speak with a customer representative from one of the top alarm system providers to discuss how their systems offer these and more added benefits.

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