How to Find an Affordable Home Alarm System

How to Find an Affordable Home Alarm System

Purchasing an alarm system is an investment in the future and the protection of your home and family. They have been shown to decrease the likelihood that break-ins occur as well as to give you an opportunity to respond to any incident in your home in record time by providing alerts and other status information for your property.

Most people are looking for both the protection of a home alarm system and a great price that won’t break the bank. The key to finding an affordable home alarm system is knowing where to look and being aware of the available discounts and tips for reducing the price you pay. If you are looking for a great price on a top-rated alarm system, here are some tips and tricks from inside the industry:

Shop Around

The number one way to make sure you are getting the best system for the best price is to shop around. By comparing features and services with the package prices of alarm system companies in your area you can see which companies are in your budget and providing the most value. It is key to note that not all packages are the same, so distinguishing between the features you need and the ones that aren’t as necessary will help you place value on the different options available to you.

Things to look for when you compare:

  • Package Features

  • Monthly Costs and Contract Terms

  • Installation Fees

Package features, monthly costs and installation fees can vary from company to company. The equipment package features are the components that work to keep you protected. They include things like entryway sensors, motion detection, remote monitoring and more. These are the tools that you are using every day to keep your home and family safe.

Monthly costs usually include monthly monitoring fees and any taxes or fees that are applicable in your region. Some companies provide a flat fee that includes all taxes and fees, while others will have additions to your bill. If you are looking for an affordable alarm system, knowing if you will be charged anything unexpectedly – like taxes and fees – is important.

Finally, if you are getting a brand new system, there may be an installation fee associated with your system. This is especially true if you have a hardwired system because a technician will be required to come to your property to take care of installation. If you want to save on installation fees, you can install a wireless or hybrid alarm system. Read more about that below.

After you have looked at the features and costs of the alarm systems available in your area and compared prices it is important to note if the company you are working for is a trusted alarm service provider. Whether they have been around for a while or they are new to your area, they should have a record of reliability and provide options and features that indicate that they are up to date with technology and features that protect your home. A top alarm service provider is the most reliable option and you should steer clear of alarm companies that have not been able to provide trustworthy service to other customers in your region.

Search for Alarm System Coupons and Deals

During certain times of the year and through specialized alarm system websites, like this one, discounts and coupons are made available. These can improve your overall cost and help you save money on your alarm system. If you are looking for an affordable home alarm it is beneficial to spend a bit of time looking for discounts and coupons that may be available to you.

There are several kinds of deals and coupons that you may find. Alarm system installation discounts, alarm system monthly monitoring discounts, equipment discounts, and features upgrade coupons are all popular. Here is a little bit about each so you know how to determine if they are applicable to your situation:

Alarm System Installation Deals

Alarm system installation coupons are available to discount the initial cost of installing your alarm system. Because this is sometimes a majority of the expense associated with your new alarm system, there is a lot of value to getting a good deal on installation. Top alarm system companies may discount technician-installed systems in order to get you a new alarm system without requiring the initial upfront cost. If you are not self installing your alarm system, try to find and apply an installation discount.

Alarm System Monthly Monitoring Discounts

The ongoing cost of monthly monitoring hinders some people from installing an alarm system, but with a monthly monitoring discount you can pay less for monthly monitoring.

Alarm system companies train and employ people who are dedicated to the protection of your home and spend their time monitoring any change or alert that comes through your system. They are the ones that initial phone calls and request that the authorities respond in the case of an emergency. It is an important aspect of your home alarm system.

The average cost of monthly monitoring without a discount ranges between $30 and $70, depending on the features and services you have signed up for. With a monthly monitoring discount you can take advantage of a reduced rate for a portion of your contract time. This can lower your bill by $5, $10 or $20 a month, which helps make your new alarm system more affordable and more valuable. Note that some companies do not offer any discounts on monitoring but instead offer equipment discounts.

Equipment Discounts

There are two types of alarm service plans: one that includes the cost of renting equipment in monthly fees and one that requires that you purchase all equipment upfront. Equipment discounts for things like having a good credit score or signing a longer monitoring contract can are applied to these costs when you are installing or upgrading your alarm system.

Equipment discounts will help you get the features you want without paying a lot for the components that make those features possible. For example, a discount on cameras will allow you to experience convenience and safety of video surveillance at a lower cost. The same is true for all other equipment features. A discount on equipment can either save you money on features you have already decided you want or help you upgrade without incurring a lot of extra cost.

Features Upgrade Coupons

If you already have an alarm service at your home, you can take advantage of features upgrade coupons that will help as you expand your alarm system to fit your new lifestyle. Upgrade coupons help you take advantage of the many things that are offered for home alarm systems without paying as much for them, plus they help you build your alarm system faster and adapt your alarm system to your needs so you always have the highest level of protection. An example would be adding medical alert pendants for free as part of a larger alarm system package.

Decreasing the Price You Pay

There are a couple of ways you can decrease the overall price you pay for your home alarm system and get the most value out of when you begin using it. Here are a few tips to help you save even more and create more value:

  • Self Install. By installing your alarm system yourself you are eliminating the cost charged by the alarm company to send out a specially trained technician with equipment. Wireless and Cellular alarms are both easy to install and can be up and running at your home in about an hour. They are also backed by the same support that you would get from a technician installed alarm system, so you are not sacrificing protection for saving a bit of money upfront.
  • Only get the features you need. There are a lot of features available for home alarm systems, but you might not need all of them. By purchasing with a company that lets you pick which features you need instead of requiring you pay for an entire package of features that are not useful to you, you save. Some companies may require that you agree to a basic package, but then allow you to add elements of the alarm system you want. Again, the goal here is to not pay more for features you aren’t going to use by doing the best you can to customize your alarm system.
  • Negotiate. If you have a specific price in mind that you are willing to pay, or that fits your budget, be sure to negotiate with the sales representative. Contact multiple companies for quotes to compare and use those as negotiation points to get you closer to the rate you are willing and able to pay. Or be forward about what you are able to pay – The top-rated companies want satisfied customers and are usually willing to add bonus features for free to your base system.
  • Use the alarm system every day. There are times when life gets really busy and using your alarm system may slip your mind, but it is important to make sure you are using it every day. Set up alerts to remind you to arm the system in the morning and set up the system to protect you while you are inside at night. The best way to get the absolute most out of your system is to use it!
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