Moving to a New Home? Time to Upgrade Your Alarm System

Moving to a New Home? Time to Upgrade Your Alarm System

The average American moves over 11 times in their lifetime. [1] Moving locations for work, to be closer to family, or to upgrade into your dream home can be a stressful time with lots of important logistics to consider. The good news is that many of today’s home alarm companies offer features that will fit your new lifestyle and home, and you can have the best wireless home alarm system installed and running in no time. Deciding to upgrade your alarm system doesn’t have to be an added stress to your move but instead can be a stress-free way to maintain your family’s protection and keep your valuables safe during transition.

A reliable alarm system can save you and your family money by potentially lowering your homeowners insurance and decreasing your loss in the case of a burglary. Home alarm systems also decrease stress and improve your overall enjoyment of your new home by removing some of the worry over the protection of your property and loved ones. A home alarm system is a great way to make sure that everyone is taken care of while you transition into your new neighborhood or city.

In addition to the basics of a reliable alarm system like entry point monitoring and fire and flood alerts, the best wireless home alarm system can also offer you added convenience through video monitoring and home automation. You can have added protection of your new home by working with your alarm system company to upgrade your alarm system to include the features that fit your new home and lifestyle.

Features of a Wireless Home Alarm System

The best wireless home alarm system for your family is the one that works to protect what you have worked hard for and adapts to your growing needs. Wireless alarms are perfect for families in transition as they are able to remain flexible and change according to your growth.

With a wireless home alarm system you have access to the features you need when you need them. Wireless sensors can be set up where you need them to monitor your doors and windows leading into your home as well as to monitor internal doors and areas of your home where you want to have added protection. During a move, you can set up your sensors based on your home and then move them when you have more areas that need to be watched. For example, as you put together your home theatre or entertainment system, or a home office, you can move sensors to secure that area of your home. This added flexibility means you can also move it to a new location the next time you move.

When you are upgrading your home or moving, considering wireless video surveillance can give you an added level of protection that can be very convenient both during the process of the move and after you are settled into your new home. Video surveillance feeds can help you keep track of shipments, movers, and visitors to your home as well as watch out for the people in your home. After you are settled, video surveillance is a strong deterrent to intruders as well as a key way to watch over your home. Reliable home alarm companies often offer remote access to video feeds which allow you to look over your property from anywhere – whether at work for the day or on vacation for a couple weeks. A home alarm system that never stops watching over your property adds a valuable sense of security for as long as you stay in your home.

When upgrading your home and your home alarm system another key consideration is home automation. Home automation adds unprecedented convenience and accessibility to your home by putting a lot of the control at your fingertips.

Home automation can be added to your home alarm system to help you control your indoor and outdoor lights add access to climate control, and even add control over small home appliances.

Lighting features that are hooked up to your home automation alarm system can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app and access to pre-programming. You can turn on or off the lights inside or outside your home both to make it look like someone is home to keep burglars from trying to access your home. This control can help with utility bills as you will never have lights left on in a room that no one is in and will have the access to turning them off even if you are away.

Climate control features are another great upgrade for your new home. The best home alarm systems connect your home automation to your thermostat so you can raise and lower the temperature of your home, control fans, heat and air conditioning, and be ready to respond to any change in weather. Climate control can help you control your utility bill and add a level of comfort that can help your new house feel even more like a home while you are getting settled.

Before and After your Move

As you are getting ready to move, consider comparing wireless home alarm packages available in your new neighborhood. These packages will show you what features are available that you can install from the first day of your move and which features you may want to add in the future.

Once at your new address, install your wireless alarm system according to the needs of your new home and the protection you desire for your family. Upgrading your home and upgrading your wireless alarm system go hand in hand and can both be an exciting and easy part of your transition.



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