Smart Alarm System: Benefits of Linking Your Alarm to Home Automation Features

Smart Alarm System: Benefits of Linking Your Alarm to Home Automation Features

Home alarm systems have come a long way. While they are still a top way to ensure your home, property and family is protected from intruders and emergencies, they are now able to make life incredibly convenient and give you more access to your property no matter where you are. These conveniences and the accessibility of a modern home alarm system are what make some alarm system service providers stand-out from the crowd.

The best alarm systems offer you more with a touch of a button then you can imagine. Smart alarm systems can give you access to your indoor and outdoor lighting, thermostat and even small appliances, among many other things. Your home becomes a place where you have control 24/7 from any location.

Linking your smart alarm system to home automation solutions is not just a new wave in innovation, it is set to become the norm, and you can take advantage of the technology today. Along with increased convenience and access, you get added control over your budget, added safety for your entire family, and added time in your day to enjoy what you really want to be spending your time on.

Here are just few of the benefits of using smart alarm systems that can connect you to home automation features and improve your overall quality of life.

Access to Utilities: Save Money, Stay Safe and Be Comfortable

Connecting your home alarm system to your home utilities gives you access to your utilities 24/7. This access means that you can control lights and temperature, which in turn means you have more control over how much money you spend on utilities. With home automation you don’t have to worry that lights were left on when you can simply log in and turn them off, if needed .

There are a few ways you can connect your utilities to your home automation. Some companies provide special plugs that are attached to basic electrical outlets. These plugs include wireless sensors that send signals to your keypad or smartphone. Access makes it easy to set a timer for when lights should be turned on or off. Some systems allow you to manually select which lights to turn on and off through your smartphone app or a custom website.

Setting your lights to turn on or off automatically helps add safety to your home as well because it doesn’t ever have to look like your house is empty. Turning on porch lights before you walk up to your front door or driveway lights before you come home can help you stay safe from anyone that would try to lurk in the shadows. Plus, home automation means you can turn off lights that aren’t being used which will save you from paying for lighting up an empty room.

Lighting systems can be professionally installed or come as part of a do-it-yourself kit, depending on the level of control you are seeking and the type of system that you are using. Most homeowners can use a hybrid of DIY – for things like floor lamps – and professionally installed connections – for overhead lighting.

Another way to save money is through your thermostat. Climate control is a big factor in home budgets and setting your thermostat to run at a certain temperature may not be enough. Controlling your heat and air conditioning through home automation means you are ready for any change in weather and never wasting money running too hot or too cold .

Programmable thermostats that are linked to your home alarm system are available through your chosen alarm system provider. The thermostat will be professionally installed and then accessible through your app or a webpage where you can easily control the settings, set temperatures based on time of day, or make additional adjustments as needed.

When you have this kind of control over your lights and thermostat you have the ability to ensure that your home is always welcoming, always comfortable.

Your alarm system service provider can give you many other tips on how your home automation system can be connected to your utilities to help you save money, stay safe and live comfortably .

Connecting to Small Appliances: Convenience and Safety

Have you ever worried that you forgot to turn off the iron, coffee pot or any other item that shouldn’t be left on all day? Home automation can help you have access to those items without making you turn the car around or run home on your lunch break just to check that your appliances have been turned off.

An intelligent alarm system can help you by connecting your small appliances to your home automation system which means that you have access to turn them off or on from your remote access. The connection can come from smart appliances, or, more commonly, come through a special plug that exists between your appliance and the standard electrical outlet you already have in your home. This plug is what is connected to your smartphone and transmits the wireless signal that controls your small appliance.

Alarm service providers can hook up sprinkler systems, lamps, fans, curling irons, clothes irons, coffee pots, electric or gas fireplaces, and more to your add to your convenience and safety. Just imagine opening up an app or web page and being able to turn one of these appliances off or on with just a touch. It is a really convenient way to let all the worry melt away, and the best alarm systems integrate home automation solutions to give you that kind of access.

Added Security: Door Locks and Garage Doors

Keeping people from entering your home is the number one reason people get home alarm systems, but there are occasional “user error” moments that can be easily remedied if your home alarm is connected to your home automation.

We all get busy and forget to lock a door or shut the garage as we are running out of the house, late to drop kids off at school or for a big meeting. There is no reason that these already stressful mornings should also mean that your home isn’t protected. One of the big benefits to home automation is that you can lock up behind you, no matter how far down the road you have gotten by the time you realize you haven’t.

Automated door locks, including deadbolts, mean that you can secure your home from anywhere, anytime. You can unlock the door to let in a house cleaner or maintenance technician and then lock up behind them right away. You can also unlock the door for your kids and double check that the house is secure even after you are already tucked in bed, just by reaching for your smartphone .

Some automatic door locks are programmable to include multiple lock and unlock codes that can be customized based on who uses them and when they need access to your home. Codes can be used certain times of the day or week and a history of the codes will show you who entered or exited your home and when.

Access to your home through an open garage door will no longer be possible, even if you forget to close it as you are leaving for the day. Your alarm system provider can set up your garage door to respond to a push of a button through your smartphone.

Ease your Stress: The Greatest Benefit

All of these benefits break down to the most valuable: easing your stress. Without ever having to wonder about the status of your alarm, appliances or the security of your home look like, you will be able to enjoy real peace of mind. Even if you do second guess, all of the notifications and access are at your fingertips through smartphone apps or websites created specially to add to your smart home alarm system convenience. The best alarm systems will not only put money back in your pocket, they will put time back in your day and decrease stress as you exercise control over your system.

There are many more benefits to linking your smart alarm system to automation features in your home. Contact your alarm system service provider to learn more ways you can save money, gain control, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from integrating home automation with your home alarm system.

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