5 Necessary Features For Your Small Business Alarm System

5 Necessary Features For Your Small Business Alarm System

Your business is a major investment – of capital, time, resources and more. The property, the equipment, and the essentials you need to run day-to-day should be protected by a top-rated alarm system that will deter intruders, reduce risk and give you a sense of safety, especially when it comes to how much capital you are investing. A small business alarm system can mean the difference between catching a burglar or someone getting away, between losing precious time and money or business as usual and retaining profit.

Your small business alarm system needs can depend on the type of business, location, level of risk, what needs protected, and how much control you want to have. There are several important features that your small business alarm should include in order to get the most out of your system and to keep your business secure.

1. Remote Door Locks

If you don’t need to drive over to your shop or office when the door was left unlocked then why would you? Remote door locks save lots of time and money. A quick check of your system through an app or online portal will let you know if the entry points are secure or not and give you a chance to lock up with just a touch of a button. Too many business owners are left driving over to their shop or office to lock up after an employee slips or a key gets lost. There’s no need to spend that precious time and energy when you can take care of it with remote door locks.

Another benefit to remote door locks is the opportunity to let in a maintenance company or other technician after hours or that arrives when you are away. Or if there is an urgent call placed, help can get to the problem more quickly even when you are away.

2. Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring you have the ability to check on your property even when you are not there. Remote monitoring gives you access to information about your property and control over your alarm system easily and conveniently, which are two words every small business owner wants to hear. Through an app or website you can view your alarm status, catch a video feed, see pictures taken at certain times of day, or double check if doors and windows are locked.

Remote monitoring is what gives business owners access to information about their company’s safety at any time, day or night, without requiring constant checking in with employees or unplanned visits to check on things.

3. Video Surveillance

In the unfortunate event that an incident occurs at your business, video recordings can make all the difference. Video feeds that point to entry points will be able to show who entered or exited your business and when. Placing cameras at other points in your office or store, whether toward a safe or other areas where expensive equipment or important information is kept, can show you who spent time in the area, how long they were there and if they had access to anything that they shouldn’t have. These recordings can be what help authorities follow up on incidents of theft or claims from employees.

Small businesses benefit from video surveillance by being the eyes when the owner isn’t around, providing visual evidence if anything happens.

4. Back-up

Your business alarm system needs to work no matter what. Extreme weather, temporary power outages, phone lines that are cut or any other interruption in connection shouldn’t mean that you aren’t protected. Battery back-up is essential in maintaining continuous coverage of your location and reduces the risk that something will happen because of a lack of power or cut connection with your alarm company.

Along with battery back-up, your system should have a secondary connection to the monitoring center of the alarm provider you choose. This back-up connection should be part of a fail-safe plan to keep your business protected, no matter what. Ask your provider what they offer.

5. Customization

Your business and your space are unique. The size, layout, assets and other important considerations that make up your business need to be protected with a customized system that gives you control the way you want it. Keycard entry, emergency buttons for onsite employees, text or email alerts sent to you from your system are just a few of the many ways you can customize your alarm system to get the most out of it and protect the most important parts of your business.

Plus, when your company grows, your alarm system can grow with you. By adding features that you need when you need them, you are able to keep your business safe and stay in your budget. Your alarm system can adapt as your needs change, keeping you and your employees safe as long as you have your business.

Talk with a small business alarm service provider to find out how they can help you customize to get the most out of your system.

These five features are the most important options to consider when selecting a small business alarm system. They are what keep you safe and make sure that you are protecting what is really important to your business. Check with one of the top companies for information about what system features they provide and how they can help you keep your biggest investment safe for a more secure future.

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