3 Simple Alarm System Features to Protect your Valuables during the Holidays

3 Simple Alarm System Features to Protect your Valuables during the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. Americans spend over $60 billion on holiday shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving alone.[1] Bringing home all those gifts – some of them expensive – means that the loss that occurs after a burglary can be even more substantial than during the rest of the year. Burglaries on the rise during the holidays mean that protecting your home can be even more of a priority and at the front of your mind.

Home theft often happens around the holidays, and burglars may seek to take advantage of empty homes where they can easily access items that can be carried from the home unnoticed. More people attend parties and events during this time of year, so making your home look like someone is there, even if it’s vacant, is a key step in deterring intruders. A simple alarm system will be more effective than no alarm system at keeping unwanted people away from your home. If you are not ready to fully invest, even a cheap alarm system will be beneficial.

There are many features of simple alarm systems that can help prevent theft at your home during the holidays. Here are three to consider implementing in your home to keep your family, your belongings, and your holiday gifts safe:

Automatic Lighting

It is always important to make sure that your home doesn’t look empty, even when you are gone to visit family during the holidays or are out for the evening at a party. A home with automatic or remote access for lighting will help you give the impression that someone is at your home and on your property while you are away.

Automatic lighting can be set up and used in two different ways that can protect your property during the holidays and after. The first way is by pre-programming the lights to come on at certain times during the day. The best alarm system will allow you to program different times for different days so that someone watching your home will not be able to predict your movements. Simple alarm systems can program front room lights, porch lights, and other lights in the house to make sure they turn on when it gets dark.

The second way automatic lighting can help you is by allowing you to control your lights from a smartphone or web address. With a simple push of a button, you can turn on or off the lights in your home as needed to both make it look like someone is there and to make it safer when arrive.

With automatic lighting – either timed or controlled through remote access – you can be sure that you don’t come home to a dark house after holiday shopping and that no one watching your house will think that it is an empty, easy target for a burglary.

Motion Detection

One of the features of a simple alarm system for the holidays is motion detection for both the outside and inside of your home. Motion detectors can be connected to automatic lights that turn on when triggered by movement in a key area of your home or on your property. The simple action of the lights flipping on can be enough to discourage someone from entering your home, both because they may be concerned that someone at your home has spotted them and because it makes it easier for neighbors to see suspicious activity and alert the authorities when you are away.

For the inside of your home, motion detection can alert you to movement in the home that happens in an area that should be secure. This alert can be hooked up to trigger an alarm or lighting that can interrupt an intruder. With indoor motion detection, the information can be sent to your smartphone or through your alarm system so that you can investigate or get emergency help if there is an intruder.

Moveable Sensors

Whether you are protecting your holiday gifts from intruders or just snooping family members (no peeking!), a moveable sensor can be your immediate alert of someone getting into the area where you have stashed your gifts. Moveable sensors connected by wireless signaling technology are part of many simple alarm systems and can be placed anywhere – an outside entryway, a closet door, or even the door to a cabinet. They have the same alerts that any other sensor has, so you will know in an instant if someone is spying on your holiday purchases.

Another way to use a simple wireless alarm system is during parties hosted at your own home. The sensor can be placed to keep valuables safe while people come and go from your property, and a simple alert on your smartphone can let you know if anyone has tried to access a room or safe that should be off limits during your party.

With the flexibility of wireless technology, the sensors you use during the holidays can be moved to better protect your family after the holidays, when everything calms back down. Having the flexibility to protect your home just the way you need to during every season is a great benefit to the best alarm system packages that are available today.

Get Started

A cheap alarm system can still offer you protection when you need it and how you need it. The most simple alarm system guards your family and valuables during every season and can mean the difference between your home being an easy target for intruders or your home remaining secure all season long.

With today’s technology, it is easy to get started, and you can have your home secure before you bring in your first gift purchases. Contact the best alarm system companies for a quote on the flexible, wireless technology and features available today.


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