Ways to Prevent a Break In with Alarm System Features

Ways to Prevent a Break In with Alarm System Features

Did you know that homes without burglar alarm systems are three times more likely to get broken into than homes with even a basic alarm system? When you are going about your day-to-day life, it may not seem like your burglar alarm system is doing much, but truthfully, just having one deters intruders and keeps your property safer.

There are a lot of statistics about home break-ins that make installing a basic alarm system from a top-rated alarm system company a great investment. A home alarm can be set up to prevent a break in at your home by safeguarding you against some of the common practices that burglars use to enter your home and stop them from leaving with your valuables.

Install Automatic Door Locks

For example, approximately 30 percent of burglars enter homes through unlocked entry points like doors or windows that haven’t been dead-bolted or latched properly.[1] These access points can be easily secured with a basic alarm system that allows you to control locks remotely.

Automatic door locks and sensors for your windows can help you stay on top of safe-guarding your house and remove your chances of falling into this statistic. Plus, automatic locks are really easy to use. Your alarm system company simply helps you install the right kind of lock, hooks up your new deadbolt to your burglar alarm then you quickly have remote access that ensures you are always safe and protected.

These types of front door locks can also come with keyless entry, giving you added convenience to enter your home when your hands are full, and can be set up with numeric keypads that allow you to control who has access to your home through customized pass codes that work on your door.

With just one basic alarm system addition, you have access to see if your front, back and side doors are secure. Automatic locks from a top-rated alarm system company can send signals to your smartphone alerting you to their status and allowing you to lock or unlock them remotely as well. With this remote access you can set an alert that will notify you at the same time every day if your home is secure or not.

All of these features of automatic door locks decrease your chances of having someone enter your home simply because you left in a hurry and didn’t secure your front door. Automatic locks are an easy addition to your burglar alarm system that can keep you from becoming a statistic.

Go Wireless

About 25 percent of burglaries happen after someone has cut telephone or alarm system wires in an attempt to gain access to a home and not set off an alarm system.[2] Hardwired systems are vulnerable to this kind of attack because they are connected to your monitoring center through a landline and because sensors around your property and in your home are connected to your control panel with wires. The best way to beat this type of tactic is to go with a wireless alarm system.

Wireless alarm systems use cellular or wireless internet technology to send signals from sensors to keypads and control panels as well as to send information to your monitoring center. With a burglar alarm that is wireless you are able to maintain security even if there is an attempt to cut any wiring around your house. Wireless alarm systems from a top-rated alarm system company are powered with batteries, which eliminates the potential that an alarm will be deactivated if power lines are cut as well.

A burglar alarm system that is primarily wireless will have a back-up system that will be activated if there is an interruption in transmitting the wireless signal. This back up system may be routed through a landline. It is important to talk to your alarm system provider about what safeguards they have in the case of unscheduled service interruptions.

Un-Silence your Alarm

Most convicted burglars, some statistics say up to 90%, have stated that they avoid homes with audible alarms and, in the case that an audible alarm goes off, would immediately leave the home.[3] A basic alarm system can be set to initiate a loud, repetitive sound, like a car alarm, which will most likely stop someone in their tracks if they are trying to access your home without your permission. The alarm can be startling if it goes off while you are home, but rest assured that it is doing it’s job when it goes off.

An audible burglar alarm also draws the attention of neighbors and passersby, which can stop an act of theft from happening and cause nearby neighbors to call the authorities on your behalf. Hearing an alarm go off next door usually results in attention and can be good for the safety of your family and the security of your home.

Getting Your Alarm Set-up

A basic burglar alarm system with the features mentioned above is a great line of defense against theft. Top-rated home alarm companies can give you a price quote on the wireless sensors, automatic door locks and alarm signal that are all mentioned. Start by contacting alarm companies and asking what their basic alarm system packages are and build your home alarm system from there.

With these alarm features you won’t have to worry about becoming part of a statistic and can rest assured that your home and family are safe.

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