Out-of-Date Alarm Systems: What to Know and What Upgrades to Make

Out-of-Date Alarm Systems: What to Know and What Upgrades to Make

Over the years, the best alarm systems have added new innovations and protections against burglary and intrusion as well as other household catastrophes, such as fires and flooding. What was once the most advanced alarm system may no longer work as well to protect your home if it hasn’t been updated to meet today’s technology and protect against today’s burglar.

If you are working with a top alarm system company, and your alarm has been installed within the last three years, you are likely using the most recent technology available, but it is always good to check on any upgrades or innovations that may be available. If you’re unsure how long it has been or think you may have one of the out-of-date alarm systems that could leave your home vulnerable, read on for the ways that you can update your system today.

Why Keeping Your Alarm System Up-to-Date is Important

Alarm systems used to have little glitches or loopholes that a smart burglar could easily get around. These defects made it possible to do everything right – from having it professionally installed to using it religiously and never going without coverage – but still experience the devastation of a break in. How did they do it?

Well, burglars learned to work around the alarm systems that were in place. They found out that with a simple pair of wire cutters, they could clip the connection points between sensors and keypads, leaving the alarm useless. These same wire cutters could cut through an exposed phone line and make it so that no information got sent from your home to your monitoring center or to the authorities.

Another tactic that can disarm an out-dated alarm system is called “crash and smash.” With this technique, the burglar simply smashes the face of the alarm control panel, usually placed near the doorway they entered through, and it renders the alarm useless. With no back-up protection, your alarm cannot send a signal for protection.

Today, however, alarm system companies have redeveloped and introduced new technology into the field. They have upgraded to more advanced alarm systems without raising the price on consumers. That means you get the top-of-the-line technology without the bottom-of-your-wallet price. These innovations are important in the protection of your home and family and provide safety where old, out-of-date alarms will fail.

New Technology

Some of the best alarm systems are built with the newest, wireless and cellular technology.  These alarm systems use either low-frequency cellular or wireless broadband to connect and communicate between the components and your monitoring center. Depending on the availability of cellular towers or broadband in your area, this type of connection can be both more convenient – as it doesn’t require extensive installation – and safer.

These wireless alarm systems don’t have the same weakness as a hardwired system because they completely eliminate the wires and phone lines that were once prone to service disruption. Also, with wireless technology, you can now install a system without drilling through your floors or ceilings in order to connect and activate an advanced alarm system.

In addition to eliminating the threat of cut wires that would leave your house open for theft, these advanced alarm systems come with multiple layers of back-up protection. By adding the wireless and cellular signal as back-up to the phone line. In this way, the best alarm systems today give you multiple layers of protection so that no burglar can completely circumvent your system.

The need for back up protection also applies to the keypad or control panel that can just be smashed and rendered useless with an out-of-date alarm system. Today’s advanced alarm systems have back up controls, so, even if the control panel is smashed, it still sends signals, alerts and warnings to the right people so that you remain protected.

New technology also makes it possible for you to access your alarm system from anywhere in the world through an internet-connected device like a laptop or through an app on your smartphone or tablet. With this access, you will know exactly what is happening at your home and be able to control your system. You get instant alerts and customized notifications. No more just setting your alarm and having to walk away for the day with no more information. Today’s advanced alarm systems give you all of the access and convenience you could want when it comes to protecting your home.

How to Upgrade

If you aren’t sure if you need to upgrade your equipment or alarm system, the best thing to do is to call your alarm service provider to find out what new technology they are using that may replace what you have installed currently. Some alarm system companies provide free upgrades to equipment or operating systems, and it is important to know if you have access to or need these upgrades. In other cases, it may be important to install new equipment at your home in order to eliminate the risk of running your home security on an out-of-date system that a burglar knows how to get around or disable when they want to break into your home.

If you are installing new technology, ask your top alarm system provider what other features may be available to you at little or no charge. The free features, like access to apps, are what makes today’s best alarm systems the most convenient and secure that have ever been on the market.

If you think you are working with any out-of-date equipment, don’t delay in contacting your home alarm provider to find out what you need to do to stay protected from today’s intruders.

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