Monitoring Your Kids: How You Can Use Your Home Alarm System

Monitoring Your Kids: How You Can Use Your Home Alarm System

Families with teenagers and latchkey kids need an alarm system that can allow parents to keep an eye on their kids while simultaneously allowing kids to find their independence and develop responsibility. Monitoring your kids while home after school and knowing when they leave for and arrive from activities can be easily accomplished with a home alarm system.

Alarm systems are designed to keep intruders and burglars out of your home, and come with many features that can allow you to stay connected to what is happening when you are away. There are several features of an alarm system that are great for parents who are interested in keeping tabs on their kids while they are home alone and can aid in keeping track of who is entering the house, and when they are leaving.

Monitored Alarm Systems

Alarm systems can be monitored in two different ways: they can be monitored through your alarm company who responds immediately to alerts triggered in your home and they can be self-monitored through alerts and remote access through a smartphone app or a website that can show you exactly what is happening at your home.

Monitored alarm systems help keep your teens safe by providing an extra level of response and protection in case of an emergency or incident. With monitoring set up, your alarm system triggers alerts and a response procedure designated by your alarm service company. This response procedure helps you determine the best course of action based on the alert you receive.

If you have a monitored alarm system that feeds information to your smartphone app or a website, you can have access to view the status of your alarm, create custom alerts you want – like an automatic alert when your child enters the home after class or sports practice – and be able to access video feeds, be able to lock or unlock your door, control your thermostat and more, depending on the features installed.

Entry Alarm Systems

One of the basic steps to monitoring your kids after school is installing and utilizing an entry alarm system. An entry alarm system is great for a variety of reasons, from keeping track of who is going in and out to setting up alerts when the system is accessed. Each of your children can have his or her own, individual code for unlocking your front door, which gives each of them control without worrying about a key and alerts you to who is arriving and leaving at what time of day.

An entry alarm alert can be set up to notify you of who has entered the home by recognizing the custom key codes that have been pre-programmed. These alerts can give you a snapshot of when your children get home and a notification whenever they are used, anytime day or night.

Custom key codes can also be set up to allow tutors or other instructors into your home at certain times and on certain days of the week. You can pre-program these codes to be useable only when these individuals are expected, which keeps your kids safe and your home secure the rest of the week.

An entry alarm system will also help your kids stay safe by alerting you of anyone attempting to enter your home at times you haven’t authorized. With a monitored alarm system, entry alerts can be set up with either an audible or a silent alarm that will trigger your monitoring company’s response procedure, which will give you back-up support within seconds.

Video Feeds

Monitoring your kids after school can be done easily through video feeds that send either still photos or live video to you. These video feeds allow you to keep an eye on your kids and your home while you are away, while allowing your kids to gain the responsibility of being home alone. Depending on the level of control you are looking for, video feeds are one way to keep an eye on your children after school as they provide all the information you need without any intrusion.

Video surveillance cameras can be set up to see the outside of your home as well as key areas of the inside of your home – like where your children are most likely to do homework, chores, watch TV, or hang out with friends. With video surveillance you can do a quick check on them and know they are safe in an instant.

Families that employ tutors, music instructors, housekeepers or any other caregiver can also use video feeds to monitor lessons and the work done while these individuals are in your home. Keeping track of work hours and interactions with your kids becomes easy as you have access to live or recorded video of what has been happening at home.

Top-Rated Alarm Systems

Features like entry alarms and customized alerts, video feeds and remote monitoring are all available when working with a top-rated alarm system company. The company you choose should be able to provide you with the eyes, ears, and control you need to monitor your children after school with access to key information about the safety of your home. Plus, top-rated alarm systems offer monthly monitoring for a low fee, so you know you are always backed-up with a company dedicated to protecting your home and your family.

Top-rated alarm systems are also compatible with apps that improve the convenience and access you have to the information you want. Talk to your alarm system service provider about their app development and the control they offer through this technology.

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