7 Reasons to Consider Installing a Wireless Home Alarm System

7 Reasons to Consider Installing a Wireless Home Alarm System

New technology has made wireless home alarm systems a more secure and convenient method of keeping your property and family safe. Wired alarm systems paved the way for intruder alerts, flood and fire monitoring and quick dispatch during medical emergencies, but there are many good reasons to choose wireless if you are installing or upgrading your home alarm setup.

1. Added Protection from Intruders

With hardwired systems intruders can cut the wires that link window and door sensors to the control panel. Cutting these wires means that a signal never gets to the monitoring center and your emergency goes unnoticed. With wireless, there is no risk of wires being cut because sensors send the signal through a wireless transmitter to the control panel and initiate the necessary alarm. This added protection means your alarm system works for you more often and is more tamper resistant.

2. No Power Interruptions

Wired home alarm systems are often linked to landlines that are used to transmit the emergency signals that protect your home. These lines can be disrupted if there is a power outage or if the phone lines are cut. With a wireless alarm system, there are no phone-lines to hassle with and the power is backed-up with a battery pack that keeps the system working in any condition. Power outages caused by weather or utility work don’t affect a wireless system and a burglar who attempts to cut a phone line to access your home will not succeed in interrupting your protection.

3. Easier Installation and Adaptability

Wired systems require holes to be drilled through walls and floors and wires to be strung throughout the property in order to stay connected, operational and secure. A wireless home alarm system can be easily installed without this labor-intensive procedure requiring a trained technician. With wireless, independent sensors are placed strategically around a home. As long as a clear signal can be sent and received between the sensor and the control panel, you are protected. In this way, a wireless system can also be set up to secure more than doors and windows. Sensors can be placed on safes, entertainment cabinets or anywhere there are valuables that should be protected.

4. Movability for Long-term Investment

Once a system is hardwired into your house, it is there for good, even if you sell and move away from the property or want to change service providers. Your investment only lasts as long as you use it at the residence. With a wireless home alarm system you can move sensors and transmitters based on the needs around your property and it can be moved easily to your new property if you relocate. This makes wireless a great option as an alarm system for renters who want to protect their property as well as vacation and rental home owners, or homeowners who don’t want to drill holes or run wires through their new house.

5. Simple Troubleshooting and Repair

A wireless system can often be repaired over the signal it is using, relieving the need for scheduled repairs of hardwired alarm systems that take up valuable time and can be labor intensive. Wireless home alarm systems also come with self-monitoring notifications that alert you if back-up battery power is low, or sensors need attention. These features allow you to quickly identify and fix most problems and never have to wait or go without service, which would leave your home vulnerable.

6. Flexible Upgrades and Features

With a wireless system, upgrading or adding features is as easy as connecting additional sensors or calling the monitoring company to add services when you need them. Lots of times these additions can be added over a quick phone call, no need to have a technician come out to your home to run more wire. A wireless home alarm system can be built up over time, which helps manage cost with added flexibility. As your needs change, the system can grow with you and continue protecting what is most important.

7. Convenient Customization and Interconnectivity

Wireless alarm systems also connect easily to other home automation services and can be set-up with features that control lights, thermostats, even garage doors, remotely. The system can adapt to include video surveillance, or be customized to send alerts directly to your smartphone. With wireless you can get more than an alarm – you get an entire system that protects your property and family and works conveniently with your lifestyle.

With these benefits to installing a wireless home alarm system, it is easy to see why it is a growing option for your security. Wireless alarms protect your home from intruders as well as protect valuables within your home and are easily built around your needs. Customizing a wireless system is quick and convenient and, with lots of features and ways to customize, you can get exactly what you need for your property when you decide you need it.

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