What Home Vulnerabilities Do You Have When Your Neighbors’ Home is Broken Into

What Home Vulnerabilities Do You Have When Your Neighbors’ Home is Broken Into

After a neighbor’s home is broken into comes the “what if?”. What if it were your home? What if your family was home when it happened? What if the intruder was armed? What if my home is vulnerable to theft now?

A burglary in your neighborhood can get you thinking about your family’s and home’s safety, how to prepare should something happen, and how you can prevent something from happening in the first place. The vulnerability that can be felt after a nearby break-in can be overwhelming, and many people start taking the security of their house and property more seriously, especially when an incident happens close to home.

The good news is that there are reliable alarm systems available from top alarm system companies that can improve your ability to keep your house secure and family safe. Thanks to today’s technology, there are options for nearly every budget. You can have the best option for your home installed and running in just a few days. The only question is, what are you looking for?

What to look for in an alarm system

Choosing a burglar alarm system can seem like a daunting task. There are a lot of alarm system companies and features to sort through. In order to get a reliable alarm system from a trustworthy company, it is important to know what you need, which means assessing any potential vulnerabilities at your home. Here is a list of potential vulnerabilities that may be around your home and some of the best alarm system features that can help you strengthen the protection of your property.

Vulnerability: An area outside of your property that is not properly lit.

If you have dark, shadowy areas outside your house where a potential intruder could hide without anyone noticing, you should install alarm system features that will light up these places or give you eyes where you need them. .   Lighting that comes on when there is motion in the area or set to a timer will help deter intruders from lurking around your home. These two features are easy to install and can be included with most basic alarm system packages. Luckily, the lights you install in these areas don’t have to be on all the time, and by hooking them up to motion detectors will help keep you safe without having to light up your whole yard 24/7.

Lighting dark areas can be the key for you or a neighbor to see if someone is lurking outside your home, . and installing motion-activated lighting is a great way to keep your home safe.

Vulnerability: Easily accessible doors and windows.

Homes that have doors or windows on the ground level are prime entry points for a burglary or other intrusion. Windows that are easy to access, without any hindrances of shrubs or other obstacles can make it possible for a burglar to enter your home, especially if they are ever left cracked open or unlocked.

The best alarm system features to install to secure easily accessible doors and windows are entry point sensors. A reliable alarm system can alert you whenever the doors or windows that have sensors are opened or closed, and an alarm can sound when the sensors are set.

There are two types of entry point sensors that you can install to provide protection – wireless and hardwired. The best choice for your home will be based on if you own or rent, how long you are planning on staying, and how much effort and money you are able and want to put into installation. Wireless home alarm sensors can be stuck or screwed into door jambs and window sills by any homeowner. Most are designed to be set-up without a technician or appointment, which saves time and money. If you are willing to self install, a wireless system is a great option. It is also the best option for renters who will be able to unstick or unscrew the sensors from the doors and windows when moving.

Larger homes where families plan to reside for a long time are sometimes better protected with hardwired systems. These systems have to be set up by a trained professional, which can cost more, but are able to cover more property. The best way to decided which is the best installation option for your home is to speak with your alarm system company to discuss the pros and cons as well as the possible features of each option.

Vulnerability: Blind spots or less frequently used entryways

Burglar alarm systems are the perfect remedy to decrease the blind spots or hidden entryways that may exist at your home. Blind spots include places like the side of your home that isn’t easily seen through windows or areas that are blocked because of landscaping. Basically they are the places that a person may be able to hide, undetected, and find a way to access your home.

One feature of a reliable alarm system that can help with this vulnerability is video monitoring.   Video cameras can be set up on the side of your house or property, around sheds or outbuildings, even at your front door so that you can view any area there may be suspicious activity.

Video feeds can also be great for parents of teenagers who stay home alone after school. Parents have access through remote feeds to see anyone entering or exiting the home. In some cases, video feeds are triggered when movement happens in an area covered by a connected motion detector. When this happens, live video and still shots can get recorded so there is never any doubt what or who was around.

With easy access to video feeds through your smartphone or on a website with live images, you can see exactly what is happening on your property, at any hour.


Looking at your home through the eyes of a burglar will help you determine you home vulnerabilities to theft and how to address those vulnerabilities with different home alarm features. The best options protect the weakest points of your property and give you the access and control you need to keep your family safe. A burglar alarm system is a great investment if it helps keep potential intruders away and scares off any attempts.

Check out top-rated alarm providers to see which features are available in your area and talk to a trained representative to discuss how you can make your home safe.

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