Going Away for the Holidays? Use these 4 Home Safety Tips When Traveling

Going Away for the Holidays? Use these 4 Home Safety Tips When Traveling

Traveling for the holidays, or anytime of year, means careful planning and organization around your home and at your final destination. Don’t let your home alarm system go without a little of that pre-travel attention. A few extra minutes making sure your home alarm system is set up properly for your extended leave, means that you are ensuring your property and possessions are safe while you are away. Use these four home safety tips when traveling during the holidays to ensure your home alarm system is keeping your belongings safe while you are away.

Set Your Alarm for Your Absence

It seems obvious, but in all of the hustle to get out the door some people forget to set their alarm for vacation at all. The best thing to do is set yourself a reminder that will be sent just before you walk out of the door so it is on your mind when you load that final suitcase in the car. The best alarm system is the one you use and the most reliable alarm system is the one that is set and working properly.

In the days before your trip, make sure your alarm is set to protect your property while you are gone. Ensure that any batteries are charged and power sources are working properly, arrange video feeds to allow you to see key areas of your home or yard, and make sure that motion detectors are on and working. If you have a wireless alarm system you may consider moving certain sensors to areas that will need extra coverage while you are gone. If your home alarm system allows you to pre-program indoor or outdoor lighting, ensure that it is set with the proper times to turn lights on and off so your houseit never looks like your house is empty. Double check that everything is working properly and alerts are set to give you the security you need.

Enlist your Neighbors

Your home alarm system will keep your property tightly monitored, but your neighbors can lend their eyes and ears to identifying any suspicious activity. A reliable alarm system cannot pick up any newspapers or mail that starts to pile up, so ask a close friend or trusted neighbor to take care of those things while you are away.

Also, make sure your neighbors have contact information for you in case they do see anything suspicious. They can contact you or be contacted if your alarm goes off and you need someone to check on your property.

Secure your Valuables

An extra measure of security for your valuables will help you deter any significant loss while you are on vacation. A reliable alarm system can keep your most prized and pricey possessions safe by monitoring the areas where you store them. The best alarm system for this job is a wireless alarm with moveable sensors.

  • Move your valuables to a safe place where you can add extra security.
  • Set up a wireless sensor to monitor the door or cabinet where you have placed your belongings.
  • Create an alert to ensure you are notified if there is any movement in this area of your home.

Take Security with You

If you are traveling and staying in hotels on your journey, a wireless alarm can be set up in your hotel room to monitor safes, closets or suitcases. This way, any valuables you travel with will be protected as if they are still under your roof. Travel alarm systems can connect to your smartphone and send alerts to make sure your items stay safe. The only difference between your home system and a traveling system is that a traveling alarm system is not monitored by your alarm system company – instead alerts are sent directly to your cell phone.

Having a reliable alarm system installed and active is the perfect way to make sure your valuables are protected while you are traveling – whether you leave them at home or are bringing some with you. A home alarm system that is properly set for your absence will keep your house secure and property safe while you are away. To stay protected while you are traveling, the best alarm system is one you can take with you to monitor your belongings while you are out sightseeing, and sends alerts if there is any tampering. Putting these four tips to use before you go will help you enjoy vacation without stressing about your property or possessions.

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