4 Home Alarm System Text Alerts and Email Notifications to Set

4 Home Alarm System Text Alerts and Email Notifications to Set

Home alarm systems are designed to keep your home safe and intruders out, and they also come with features that keep your family safe and can be set-up to alert you to anything out of the ordinary. Staying on top of what is happening in and around your home is important, and setting your home alarm system text alerts and email notifications can help you do just that.

Home alarm systems are often part of a package that includes important alert features that can keep you tuned in to anything that is going on around your home. Knowing what alerts are available and how they can help you respond to urgent events and emergencies or handle extreme situations significantly increases the value of your home alarm system. Even the most affordable alarm system can provide this added value if you know how and when to use the various alert features that it comes with.

Fire Alerts

One of the included alert features of most home alarm systems is a fire alert. Many home alarm systems automatically come with smoke and/or heat detection that can send you an automatic alert if there is a fire or risk of fire in your home. This automatic alert is usually set up to notify you and your monitoring center personnel and can help decrease any chances of actual fire or decrease loss if a fire does start. A text alert sent to your phone at the first sign of an incident can help save valuable time when dealing with a fire, especially if your family members or pets need to leave the property to stay safe.

Talking with your alarm system company to find out how they handle fire alerts and what your response should be in case of a text or email notification can help you act fast and take advantage of this important feature.

Flood Alerts

Some of the top alarm systems also include flood alerts that can help homeowners know if their property is at risk for any water damage either from an outside source or from a busted pipe inside your home. Water, or moisture, sensors can be placed near pipes, water heaters, or at other risk areas, such as in your home’s basement, and can be set to notify you immediately in the case of a leak. A flood alert detector will notify your home alarm monitoring company of any rising water in your home or garage, whether from an internal or external source. That means, if your washer starts leaking, you will know right away. The same goes if there is a possibility of flood from heavy rain where your property lies or if a pipe bursts in your home and creates a potentially expensive and unsafe situation.

Much like the fire alert, one of the major benefits of flood and water leakage alerts is the improved response time you have that will decrease property damage and increase the safety of your family. By setting up this text alert, the money you will save knowing right away if there is an issue and being able to attend to it before it gets out of hand makes your already affordable alarm system even more valuable.

Carbon Monoxide Alerts

Carbon monoxide is considered the “silent killer.” It is a poisonous and potentially deadly gas that has no odor or color and can leak into your home completely unnoticed without proper monitoring. Carbon monoxide alerts set up through your home alarm system will notify you if the deadly gas is present in your home so you can take the proper precautions and steps to not fall victim.

A carbon monoxide detector may be one of the most valuable features of your home alarm system as there is no other way to know if the gas is present outside of monitoring. Along with fire and flood sensors, your alarm system will be able to monitor and alert you of any carbon monoxide leaks via text alerts, email notifications and phone calls from your monitoring service provider.

Medical Alerts

More and more families are moving their elderly relatives into their homes for added care and protection. These arrangements can increase the quality of life as multiple generations share experiences and learn from each other. While elderly parents, aunts, uncles or other family members contribute to caring for children and homes, there is also the potential of an added risk when it comes to medical emergencies. Far too many people don’t have the needed support and protection they need from falls and slips that could easily be provided with a medical alert addition to your home alarm system.

Alarm systems also offer medical alerts for very affordable monthly costs. The alert can be set up to send information to a monitoring center as well as to your smartphone or email when initiated by anyone in your home. Family members can choose to wear a small pendant around their neck, so it is always close by, if there is an immediate need for help, or a control panel can be set up within the home with a direct line to medical personnel at your alarm system monitoring center.

Medical alerts are not just for the elderly. Families with newborns who want direct access to medical personnel and a back-up layer of protection in case of an emergency or incident can benefit from the easy access as well. Families with children who stay home alone after school can access the emergency functions if something happens while parents are away as well.

Getting the Most out of Your Home Alarm System Text Alerts and Email Notifications

Today’s home alarm systems offer a variety of ways for you to receive alerts. Customizable options allow you to receive text messages or emails if an alert is triggered, and monitored alarm systems will have a step-by-step protocol for how to respond if any alarm is set-off by an incident at your home. To get the most out of your home alarm system, set up your email or text notifications so your system alerts you right away. If you have access to a smartphone you can receive your alerts as a text message or directly to your alarm system app. Email alerts are also effective for those who work during the day and have constant access to their inbox.

Your home alarm system text alerts and email notifications from these four sensors will give you the added protection and safety that you are looking for while also decreasing loss, damage and risk to your loved ones. If you already have an alarm system, talk to your provider about how the alerts work and what to expect if and when your alarm is triggered.

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