7 Home Alarm System Myths Debunked

7 Home Alarm System Myths Debunked

Home alarm systems have come a long way and have experienced innovations in technology and features that make them even more practical and valuable today. Alarm system companies are constantly updating their services to offer the best monitoring services available. The cost of the best home alarm systems is low compared to the loss that one can experience in a burglary or the damage that can happen in an emergency like a fire or flood.

Still, there are many claims that alarm systems are not worth the time, effort or expense of using them. Here are some of the home alarm system myths debunked by the facts of what they offer and how much value they can bring to your home.

Myth: They are really expensive.

Once upon a time, home alarm systems were a pricey addition to a home and really only accessible to the affluent. Today’s alarm system companies offer services that can be bundled together to protect your home for low installation and low monthly monitoring costs. Top home alarm systems can be set up and used at your home for less than the cost of your monthly cable bill.

High costs associated with home alarm systems were traditionally due in part to installation fees that made getting a system difficult for many families. Today, there are many inexpensive ways to install a system, including DIY options that you can install yourself in about an hour, saving on installation fees altogether.

With all of the options that alarm system companies offer today, there is a top home alarm system that will work for you and be in your budget.

Myth: They don’t add a lot of value.

The best home alarm systems operate in the background, keeping your family safe without being intrusive. This behind-the-scenes approach to home security sometimes makes it seem like your home alarm system isn’t doing much but costing you a monthly monitoring fee.

The truth is that simply having a home alarm system decreases the chance of being burglarized, and the more home alarm systems in your neighborhood, the safer the neighborhood is overall. Top home alarm systems cover you from intrusion, emergencies like fire, flood, freeze and carbon monoxide, and have optional features like medical alerts and home automation that make them worth every penny you spend installing and using them.

Myth: They are difficult to install.

Hard-wired alarm systems require a trained technician and an appointment so that your alarm system can be set up and connected throughout your home. The wires are run through walls, floors and ceilings and connect sensors and control panels to the phone line that will send alerts to your monitoring company. But, that isn’t the only way to install a home alarm system today. Alarm system companies now offer wireless and do-it-yourself alarm systems that are easy to install and don’t require any drilling, wires or trained technicians.

With a wireless alarm system, the signal is sent from sensor to control panel through wireless or cellular technology. The sensors you use can be self-installed using small screws or even adhesive that comes included with your home alarm kit. The best alarm system for your home can be ordered, unwrapped and installed at your convenience, and your system can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Plus, these easy to install alarm systems come with the full support and monitoring you would get from a traditional system, so you don’t have to sacrifice on the level of protection when you choose to go with easy installation.

Myth: They are confusing to use.

Control panels and keypads are getting easier and easier to use as new technology is introduced. Today, top alarm systems have touch screen controls that respond immediately to your input. Alarm systems can also be connected to simple mobile apps that improve the way you handle your system and the access you have to your home when you are away. With a simple click of a button or swipe of your finger you can set your alarm, lock doors, control lights and more.

Plus, with added customizations, alarm systems do exactly what you need, notifying you automatically of changes in the system that may need your attention. For example, you can set up an automatic alert that will email or text you at the same time every day to let you know if your alarm has been properly armed after everyone has left the house. It is as easy as getting a text message.

Myth: There is no new technology.

In the last few years, home alarm technology has improved substantially. The best alarm systems now offer wireless technology, broadband, cellular communications and more. With new technology, home alarm systems are getting easier to use, more convenient and are able to connect with more features at a better price.

The new technology that the alarm system companies are offering today make everything easier from installation to everyday use. For example, companies now offer DIY home alarm systems that are easy to self-install and control versus requiring a trained technician to come and install your home alarm system. Smartphones and websites are also common ways to access your home alarm system and have made it easier to arm, disarm, and control the components of your system that are connected online.

Talk to one of the top rated alarm system companies today to find out more about the new technologies they offer to help you protect your home and family.

Myth: They are only for people who own their homes.

In the past, home alarm systems were only available if you owned your home or had permission from a landlord to drill holes and wire your system throughout your residence. Most renters didn’t want to go through the hassle of installing an alarm where they weren’t going to stay long-term, and some landlords were uncomfortable giving permission to have the extensive installation work done.

Today, renters and even rentals through AirBnB, VRBO and HomeAway can, and should, have the added safety of a home alarm system. The best home alarm systems for renters is a wireless alarm. It requires no hardwiring or drilling, can be installed in any apartment or home, can be moved as needed, and is still monitored,providing the high level of protection expected from a top home alarm system.

Since wireless alarms are completely customizable, renters can use sensors to monitor and secure front doors, storage closets, windows, or even safes and cabinets within the home. When a lease is up and it is time to move, a wireless home alarm system can easily be moved to your new location. No hassle, no fuss, just all the safety you need even if you don’t want to or are unable to hardwire the residence where you live.

Myth: They are only good for preventing break-ins.

The main role of a home alarm system is to stop intruders, but there are a lot of features that do more than that. They can monitor for other hazards such as fire, flood, freeze, and carbon monoxide. Alarm systems can also be hooked up to automate your lights and thermostat, send breakage alerts, provide surveillance, help you keep an eye on kids, pets and maintenance professionals who enter your home and more. There are a lot of benefits to having a top home alarm system installed at your home that go beyond just stopping break-ins .

The Facts vs. Myths

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to home alarm systems. The facts are that they are exceptionally effective deterrents to theft, have never been more affordable and are easier than ever to install and use every day. Alarm system companies are working hard to make sure that everyone has access to a top home alarm system. Talk to a reliable home alarm system company today to get more details and facts on today’s home alarm technology and innovations.

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