Best Home Alarm System Options to Select for Short-Term Rental Property Owners

Best Home Alarm System Options to Select for Short-Term Rental Property Owners

With the emergence of sites like, and that make it easier for property owners to connect with and host a variety of short-term guests, selecting the best home alarm system options for your property becomes a necessity for both the security of your property and possesions and also for the safety of your guests. As a short-term rental property owner, you know that people renting your place, coming and going, and the constant turnover of guests comes with its own level of difficulty. Luckily, today’s best home alarm systems add not only the security you need for your property, but a lot of convenience that can make short-term rentals of your vacation home a smooth, easy process, with less worry or stress.

In order to get all of the security and convenience that a home alarm system can offer you, here are some of the best options from top home alarm system companies for short-term and vacation rental property owners.


One of the things that makes renting your property easier is the added convenience that a home alarm system can bring. For example, installing a keyless entry alarm system would give you the power to lock and unlock the door to your property when you know your guests are arriving or leaving as well as double check that the door is secure when the home is unoccupied. The keyless entry alarm allows you to do this from a smartphone app, a website or a tablet with just a click and a tap of a button. Imagine getting notified of your guests’ arrival and being able to unlock the door for them and allow them in from wherever you are. Plus, you will easily be able to double check that the door is locked when they check out at the end of their visit.

The keyless entry alarm system can also be used in the case of a lost key, or a guest getting locked out of your property. You have all of the control right from your fingertips without having to go anywhere or show up at the property yourself.

The best home alarm system is the one that works the way you want it to and gives you the security that you need. Securing a vacation rental property is just as important as securing your own home. It comes with valuables and is an investment that should be protected so you can continue making money and hosting guests for as long as you want to.

Since some owners do not live near their vacation rental properties, the best alarm system options include remote access that helps owners feel the security of their property no matter where they are. You can install a number of remote access features for your alarm system at your property including:

  • Video surveillance
  • Motion detectors
  • Entry and exit alerts
  • Incident notifications
  • Light, thermostat and appliance control
  • Garage door access
  • Automatic locks

These remote access features are the best way to add both security and convenience to your property. Here are a few reasons why these options work really well for short-term rental property owners.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance features on your home alarm system will allow you to see what is happening around your property or at key places within your property. HomeAway and Airbnb hosts can make sure that properties are not being vandalized when they are unoccupied, that wild animals are not causing damage, and check in if they are notified of any incidents around the property. Video feeds can be viewed easily from a web connection, so no matter where you reside as the owner, you can check on your property.

Motion Detectors

Your incoming guests are not familiar with your property, so automatically lighting the way for them when they arrive can help them feel welcome and enjoy your property. Motion detectors connected to your outdoor lighting will make this happen for them and can stop a potential burglary by shining the lights as they approach a doorway or window.

You can also set up motion detectors around areas that you don’t want guests to be – like a detached garage – so you are notified if someone is around the areas of your property that are off limits.

Entry and Exit Alerts

Guests coming and going is expected, but with a home alarm system that includes entry and exit alerts, you can be sure when they arrive and leave so you can maintain the security of your property. Some entry and exit alerts will also let you know if there is excessive opening and closing of doors or windows which could indicate that something was inadvertently left open, or that there is a party or something else going on at your property that you would want to check on.

Incident Notifications

Rental properties tend to already have fire and smoke detectors, but as the homeowner you might not always know right when these alerts go off. If you have an incident notification set-up you can be the first notified. The best home alarm systems offer four types of incident notifications that can be beneficial as a property owner: fire, flood, carbon monoxide and window or glass breakage alerts.

Light, Thermostat and Appliance Control

Light, thermostat and appliance control are top alarm system options for vacation home owners. The control you have can mean a big difference in both your utility budget and the comfort of your incoming guests. With remote access to lights, you can make sure they are all turned off when the place is unoccupied, or that certain ones light up to deter intruders during the evening. You can also switch on lights when guests are arriving to help them feel welcome. The same is true for remote thermostat control. You can keep the thermostat low when no one is present, saving your budget, and raise the heat or turn on the A/C in time to make the home comfortable for your guests. For even more control, you can add appliance automation so you never worry that an oven was left on, or that the empty refrigerator is running at too high of a temperature wasting your electricity.

Garage Door Access

If you have a garage at your property, being able to secure it remotely can be a great convenience. Garage door features added to your home alarm system can make it so you can open or close the door remotely. This means that you know things are secure when your guests leave, which can bring a lot of peace of mind to the rental situation. It also means that if you store things in your garage that may be needed by your guests, you have the ability to open and close it to allow access on your terms.

Combining Convenience and Safety

With all of the features offered from home alarm system companies, it is easy to ensure that your short-term rental property is secure, and it is even better to make it convenient and safe for you and your guests. These features make the process of renting your property easier, more smooth, and less stressful than having to do without the options provided by a great alarm system.

Contact the best home alarm companies to see how you can get started using some of these key home alarm system options at your vacation rental property.

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