6 Things the Best Home Alarm System Companies Have in Common

6 Things the Best Home Alarm System Companies Have in Common

Homeowners or renters looking to secure their property and their loved ones often look to the best home alarm system companies to protect their homes. These alarm systems are top-rated for a reason, and they all have certain features in common. If you’re deciding on a home alarm system, these criteria can help you choose the best option for your home.

Cellular backup

Many older alarm systems connect to a monitoring service by way of your home’s landline. While this is an effective means of alerting your monitoring service of a break-in, technology today allows for an even more efficient means of transmitting information through cellular backup.

Even if your current alarm system is hardwired to your phone line, the best home alarm system companies enable your system wirelessly to use cellular networks to not only communicate to each sensor, but to communicate with your monitoring service company as well. This means that there is effectively a cell phone inside your control panel that calls your monitoring service when your alarm has been triggered, instead of going through your landline. Whereas a hardwired system can be tampered with or cut by an intruder, wireless alarm systems are not susceptible to these kinds of disconnections. A good cellular alarm system will also have a backup battery, meaning it will still function in the event of a power outage.

Since your system won’t require hardwiring, the best home alarm system companies often provide wireless, DIY installation options to save you money on professional installation costs. These systems shouldn’t require any holes drilled into your walls, tampering with your electrical system or waiting for a professional to install it for you.

Home automation

With the rise in cellular alarm systems, it is becoming easier and easier to automate not only your alarm system but many of the functions of your home as well. The best alarm system companies offer integration with your lighting, thermostat and entry locks.

Automating these items usually involves purchasing additional equipment, such as a smart thermostat, an electronic deadbolt and wirelessly-enabled outlets and switches. Most cellular alarm systems will be compatible with Z-Wave and Zigbee technology, which is what most of these home automation tools employ to connect seamlessly to your central alarm system. A good home alarm system company should be able to recommend or even provide you with compatible home automation solutions.

Mobile apps

Since most of the best home alarm system companies use a cellular connection to monitor your system, it only makes sense that you be able to monitor through your own cellular network as well. These companies either provide you with their own mobile monitoring application, or integrate with an existing one, making it easy for you to check in on your home and receive alerts even when you’re away. Most mobile apps for alarm systems allow your to customize your alerts, enabling you to receive text messages, phone calls, push notifications or emails when your door has been opened or closed, when your thermostat has been changed, when your carbon monoxide levels are too high or when a motion sensor has been triggered. With these apps, you can also arm and disarm your system remotely, control your thermostat and even lock and unlock your doors.

Round-the-clock monitoring

That being said, the best alarm system companies will also be monitoring your system 24/7/365. When a sensor has been triggered, your monitoring service will be alerted in real time, and reach out to you to verify that it is not a false alarm. If you are unresponsive or confirm that it is an emergency, your alarm system company will take action by contacting local authorities.

Though your cellular alarm system will most likely alert you via your smartphone, it is comforting to know that there is a third party dedicated to ensuring your safety.

Competitive prices

While a quality alarm system will be an investment, the best home alarm system companies offer the best features at a competitive price. In addition, prices and equipment costs should be totally transparent; it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find out exactly how much you’ll be paying up front, and how much your monitoring service will cost you per month. An affordable alarm system is easy to come by from top-rated home alarm system providers. Just speak with a representative to learn more about all the features included and if there are alarm system discounts they offer.

Great customer service

When you’re trusting a company to protect you, your family and your belongings, good customer service is a must. Check Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, Yelp Reviews and Consumer Report to see how other customers rated each alarm system company’s customer service.

Though the number of options can be overwhelming, an alarm system is a valuable investment in your family’s safety and wellbeing. When shopping for a home alarm system, the best ones should all offer cellular backup, home automation options, mobile and round-the-clock monitoring, transparent pricing and reputable customer service.

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