Beyond Protecting Against Break-ins: Additional Benefits of Home Alarm Systems

Beyond Protecting Against Break-ins: Additional Benefits of Home Alarm Systems

Modern alarm system service providers are offering a lot more than just break-in coverage with today’s home alarm systems. While the majority of people who are looking for an alarm system for home protection are focused on stopping a burglary or other intrusion from occurring on their property, the benefits of home alarm systems go beyond stopping theft.

The best house alarm systems offer coverage for a variety of emergencies with the back-up support you need to keep your family safe from harm. Check out these benefits of a home alarm system that go beyond break-in protection:

Fire and Smoke Alerts

Fire and smoke detectors installed at your home can be connected to your home alarm system in order to keep your family safe if a fire ignites.

Each year over 360,000 homes experience a house fire of some kind with yearly damages adding up to over $5.7 billion. [1] Along with property damage, over 14,000 people either die or are injured because of house fires.

These statistics prove the value to having monitored smoke detection as part of your home alarm system. The best house alarm systems will connect you to your property and send you an automatic alert if there is any smoke detected or the chance of a fire. In the case of an alert being triggered, your alarm system service provider will receive a notification and be able to start the process of contacting emergency personnel within seconds.

Alarm systems for the home are able to do more than just send a fire alarm sound into the air, they can make sure the right people are on their way so you prevent any major harm and experience less overall damage in the unfortunate event of this emergency.

Flood Monitoring

Water sensors for leaks and floods can mean the difference between you coming home to a few feet of standing water in your basement and you knowing right away that a leak has sprung, protecting your home and possessions from permanent water damage.

Property damage because of plumbing failures, freezing pipes and other types of water damage are the second most common loss that homeowners experience and annually causes approximately $9 billion in damages for homes across America.[2] With an alarm system for home monitoring that includes flood notifications, you can prevent being a part of this expensive statistic.

By having a leak and flood detection sensor installed in your home, you decrease the overall chance that you will experience a high volume loss. You will know right away that something is wrong and be able to minimize the leak, set up repair and protect your property from water damage that could cost you thousands.

Carbon Monoxide Protection

Carbon monoxide is referred to as the silent killer. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-irritating gas that can quickly poison, cause a person to lose consciousness and potentially die. It is the leading cause of death due to poisoning in the United States. [3]

Carbon monoxide can be present in appliances like furnaces, water heaters, and some tools and equipment like lawn mowers and snowblowers. The gas is also present in car exhaust. However, there is no way of knowing there is a leak unless there are carbon monoxide detectors operating in the areas of your home that are susceptible to leaks.

A sensor that can detect the levels of this otherwise unnoticeable gas and alert you if there is a leak can be integrated into your home alarm system. Alarm system service providers can easily install a sensor and will be able to alert a trained team of individuals in the case of a leak as well as alert you right away through an audible sound from the detector or with a signal sent to your smartphone. This monitoring from your home alarm system can mean the difference between life and death at the hand of this poisonous gas.

Medical Alerts

The best house alarm systems for families with a member, or members, who have medical concerns include a medical alert function that can be used to notify emergency personnel or other family members of an incident.

Medical alerts can be set up as a bracelet or necklace that can be worn by the individual that may be in need of help. There are also two-way intercom systems that can be installed to connect an individual with a professional.

Medical alert services through your alarm system service provider are a great addition for any family who has loved ones living with conditions that may require some extra help or care throughout the day. The medical alert can free up time for caregivers without leaving loved ones unmonitored and can help get aid to your home quickly and efficiently in the case of any incidents.

GPS Tracking

Burglars can get away with anything from your most valuable jewelry and entertainment possessions to the vehicle sitting in your garage. With a vehicle tracker or GPS system connected to your top possessions, if any movement occurs, you will know where it goes and increase the chances authorities will be able to recover the item.

GPS trackers can be discreet and hidden away so that they can be traced without the perpetrator knowing. They can also be used to keep an eye on teenagers that are borrowing the car for a night or elderly family members that need a little extra care and attention.

Finding the Benefits that are Best for You

Knowing the best house alarm systems also offer you added protection in the case of major events that could threaten the safety of your family and property, such as a fire or flooding, makes the installation of an alarm system for home and family protection even more valuable.

Talk to an alarm system service provider about how you can take advantage of the benefits of home alarm systems beyond just break-in protection that they offer as part of their equipment, packages and services provided.




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