Top 4 Alarm System Features for Families

Top 4 Alarm System Features for Families

Today’s top alarm system providers offer a range of features and alarm packages that work well for families. There are many features of alarm systems that make monitoring your home and keeping your family safe convenient and easy, and those features can also help you ensure that everyone is protected no matter what time of day or night it is or where you are checking in from.

1. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a popular way to not only monitor who is around your property, but what is happening inside your home. With active video feeds that can be sent straight to your phone or a convenient website that you can access whenever you need to, you can know exactly what is going on.

For families, this is important in keeping kids safe from anyone who would try to access your home as well as keeping an eye on sitters or nannies who are in your home without you during the day. Video feeds even mean that you could see if your kids are doing homework or chores when they are supposed to, or if they are getting themselves into trouble thinking you won’t find out.

Top alarm system providers can help you install an alarm system for home that includes the right video surveillance for your needs.

2. Keyless Entry

Families have a lot of reasons for needing to enter their home without having to hassle with keys. Having hands full of groceries and needing to unlock the door can be easy with keyless entry that is connected to your smartphone and can unlock the door before you get to the door.

For homes with older kids, keyless entry can prevent a slew of lost keys by giving each child their own alarm code that can be used to unlock the door when they get home from school.

Keyless entries are part of many affordable alarm systems and are offered by several of the top alarm system providers.

3. Custom Codes

Having kids can also mean that many other people need access to your home at different times during the week. Tutors who need to come in for lessons, music instructors stopping by weekly, nannies or sitters that take care of your kids while you are away, even grandparents who seem to drop in for a quick visit all require some access to your home, but many parents are uncomfortable giving complete access. Custom codes for keyless entry and for arming and disarming alarms can solve this problem for families.

Top alarm system providers have systems that have the ability to program multiple codes with different accessibility for your home. The codes can be set to only work during certain times of day or certain days of the week. An alarm system for home that has this feature can keep you in control of who is in your home, when they are there, and can give you a record of all the coming and going that happens when you are away.

4. Automatic Mobile Alerts

Many busy families have people coming and going at various times throughout the day. This can leave the possibility of the alarm not being set or a door remaining unlocked, or even a garage door left open in a rush of shuttling kids from one activity to another. Today’s top alarm system providers offer a host of automatic alerts to help make sure these oversights don’t happen, so you never leave your home and family vulnerable.

An affordable alarm system can be set to automatically alert you via text message or email of the status of your alarm at a certain time of day, or in the event that a door or the garage has been left open for an extended period of time. These automatic alerts are usually accompanied by the ability to remedy the alert right away from wherever you are. Imagine finding out every morning at 9:30am if your home is secure after everyone has left for the day, and being able to lock or unlock, arm or disarm, open or close whatever needs to be attended to in order to secure your home if there was anything left.

Another way automatic alerts added to your alarm system for home help your family is by notifying you when the alarm is set or disarmed from the custom codes that you have programmed. This means that a working parent can get a regular alert that their child has come home on time right when they walk in the door and use their code to disarm the home alarm system.

Many top alarm system providers today offer affordable alarm systems that can really ease the strain and stress that are on modern families. Installing the right alarm for your home with the right features means you can rest assured that your property and family are are protected, that you know who is coming and going, and that you have control over who can access your house and when.

Compare packages today to find out if adding these four alarm system features for families fit with your needs and budget.

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