5 Unexpected Benefits to Installing a Home Alarm System

5 Unexpected Benefits to Installing a Home Alarm System

Today’s alarm companies offer more than burglary protection. They offer convenience, vital information about your house and neighborhood and potential savings by equipping you with modern technology and enabling your home to work for you quickly and easily.

If you are trying to decide if a installing a home alarm system is right for you, here are some of the unexpected benefits to consider.

1. Potentially Lower Bills

Having an alarm system can help you save on your homeowner’s insurance as they add protection from burglary, fire, flood and other emergencies. Talk to your insurance company to see what kind of discounts you can get and what their requirements are to take advantage of this benefit. Some companies offer up to 20% off of your monthly bill for having an active alarm system at your home. In addition, systems that are integrated into other home automation features can give you access to lowering your lights and thermostat which can help lower your utility bills.

2. Access to Your Property From Anywhere

With advancements in technology some alarm companies can now offer access to information about your property and home through apps and websites. This access provides you with vital details no matter where you are. Now you can know in a matter of seconds if a window or door was left open or if the alarm system is armed or disarmed. You can even see video feed of your property from work or while on vacation. You will have no question about what is going on in or around your home when you have access through convenient remote monitoring.

3. Important Information at Your Fingertips

Many of the best home alarm system companies today offer important information about your neighborhood and property that can help keep your belongings and family safe. Installing a home alarm system can give you access to weather reports like freeze warnings, provide neighborhood crime statistics, and alert you in case of fire, flood or carbon monoxide emergencies. With an alarm system installed, you not only know that your home is safe, you have the information you need to make the best decisions for your loved ones and property in any situation.

4. More Control over Your Home

Some alarm systems enable your home to work for you from your smartphone or tablet. With this control you can arm and disarm your system depending on your needs and schedule timers around when your family is coming and going. For example, with the touch of a button, you can disarm your front door when your kids get home from school while keeping the alarm system active in other areas of your home, so you know they stay safe. In addition to activating the alarm, you can control the lights, temperature and surveillance through your mobile app by integrating your alarm system with other home automation features.

5. Priceless Peace of Mind

With today’s busy life and hectic schedules, the last thing you should be worried about is if your home is secure. A top-rated home alarm system that meets your needs and has been customized to fit your lifestyle is a great way to give yourself some added peace of mind. No more wondering if you remembered to shut the garage door or worrying about your kids when they are home. You can access and control everything you need and rest assured that everyone is safe. Plus, with 24/7/365 monitoring from your alarm system company, you know your valuables are safe even if you are not there and that someone is looking over your property and family.

Getting the Most Out of Your New Home Alarm System

Getting the most out of your alarm system and taking advantage of these additional benefits is easy when you work with top-rated home alarm companies. By implementing new technologies and staying on top of what homeowners need, great companies offer you more than intruder protection. They offer the features you need to make sure that your home alarm system provides more than just safety by adding convenience in today’s always-connected world and peace of mind to your life.

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